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Auckland - Part 2

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The Auckland metropolitan area in the North Island of New Zealand, is the largest and most populous urban area in the country. It has 1,397,300 residents, which is 32 percent of the country's population. In this tour through the beautiful Auckland we visi

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Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is an observation and telecommunications lync ag tower located on the corner of Victoria and ...

Albert St Steps & Mens Toilet Durham St West

***photo of Albert st by: Abaconda Management Group.

Bluestone Store/Room

Built in 1861 as a warehouse, and is currently a bar. The exterior walls are of volcanic stone. ***photo of...

Prudential Building

Arthur Eady Ltd was a music publishing company. The building was purchased in 1960 by the Prudential Insura...

Vulcan Lane

This was once quite a dangerous area, but started to change its character in the early 20th century.

Occidental Hotel

This is one of the oldest hotels here in Vulcan Lane. built in 1870.***photo by: ChewyPineapple.

Leon Brook Models

(between the occidental hotel and the queen's ferry hotel).***photo by: ChewyPineapple.

Queen's Ferry Hotel

Was built around 1858 as a general store. In 1865 was reopened as a hotel. ***photo by: ChewyPineapple.

Freyberg Place

This place commemorates one of NZ most distinguished soldiers.***photo by: Walter Rumsby.

Chancery Chambers

Was built after WWI for a private company, and now an offices building.***photo by: Sids1.

Chancery Lane

This is a very beautiful lane, full of high fashion and beauty stores, cafes and gift stores.***photo by: S...

General Buildings

This grand building was designed in 1928, its architecture reflecting the features of the Chicago style. wh...

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